Smart heating

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The European heating industry is ready to bring the digital revolution to European buildings. Smart heating will make it happen. Imagine your heater talking with you, with your installer and your energy company. And all of it managed by an intelligent control in your home.

The benefits are many. You can adjust each room’s temperature to your daily needs with an app on your phone. You can check your energy consumption in real time and lower your energy bill. No need to think about maintenance anymore: if you wish, the heater will contact the installer for you.

What’s more, smart heating will help reduce CO2 emissions. How? By increasing the use of renewable electricity. For example, a smart control will give a signal to the heat pump to run when wind electricity is abundant and cheap. When the sun is shining, renewable electricity will be stored in the smart hot water tank, ready for your next shower.

Are you ready to join the smart heating revolution? Find out more about smart heating and smart home.