Surface heating and cooling

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Many new buildings all over Europe opt for a surface heating and cooling system – hot or cold water is circulated via pipes, which are embedded in floors, walls or ceilings, and thus form an integral part of the building. These systems fulfil two functions at once: in winter they heat the rooms, while in summer they cool them down by running cold water through the pipes. Through their large-area installation, they ensure the distribution of heating or cooling in the room, contributing to a pleasant indoor climate all-year round.

A wide range of solutions is also available for old buildings. Surface heating systems generally work well with low heating temperatures (35/28˚C)  –  perfect  to  maximise  the  efficiency  of  modern heating systems. The lower the heating system temperature, the higher its efficiency. Surface heating and cooling is also great for cosiness  and  comfort:  smart  control  systems  enable  residents to create a heating profile for every room, tailoring comfort levels perfectly to the needs of residents. Embedding heating systems in walls, floors and ceilings also frees up a lot of space.


  • Fully covering thermal comfort needs, all-year round.
  • Highly energy efficient and optimal solution when combined with renewable heating.
  • Suitable for all efficient modern heating systems in all types of buildings.
  • Comfortable and frees up a lot of space.