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Today’s  radiators  are  key  components  of  efficient  heating systems. Successfully increasing the efficiency of a whole heating system depends on all components being optimally adjusted to each other. Modern heaters tend to run more efficiently, when they run steadily at relatively low temperatures (i.e. 55˚C or lower).

Modern radiators can achieve these low temperatures and still properly heat a building thanks to their innovative shapes and large heating surfaces. Modern radiators are also versatile: they can be integrated into any type of heating system, regardless of the heating technology used. This is why low- temperature radiators should ideally form an integral part of the modernisation of a heating system.

Modern radiators do not only help to save energy; they also provide comfort. For example, thanks to remotely controlled radiator valves, users can set the temperature of individual rooms from their smartphone. The more aesthetic designs of modern radiators can even make them a design feature.


  • Energy saving thanks to low-temperature systems.
  • Great comfort and possibility to control remotely.
  • Easy to install, minimum maintenance.
  • Combinable with all modern heating technologies and renewable energies.