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Biomass boilers are the latest and most efficient technology to produce heat in the most ancient way: wood-firing. Each year, 40% of the wood produced sustainably in Europe is used for heating in European buildings, both residential and commercial.

Sustainably-sourced wood is a carbon-neutral renewable resource:  when  burnt,  the  same  amount  of  CO2  that was absorbed by the tree during its growth is released. Therefore, central heating biomass boilers can provide high thermal comfort while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover,  the  overall  sustainability  of  biomass  heating  is further increased in areas where wood is locally available, which shortens transport routes and helps the local economy.

Modern heating systems use biomass in the form of pellets, wood chips or split logs. They can also be easily combined with solar thermal systems and reach even higher efficiency levels.


  • Very efficient use of a renewable fuel.
  • Where biomass is locally available, biomass boilers create short transport routes, local jobs and domestic value.
  • Great CO2 reductions: sustainably sourced wood can be carbon-neutral.
  • Can be easily combined with solar thermal technologies.