Started in September 2023, the Compliance Services project aims at developing measures to support suppliers, retailers and installers in the correct interpretation and application of the EU legislation on eco-design and energy labelling. It will do so by creating and implementing new services and tools for key stakeholders, such as an online platform, helpdesk services and training material.  As part of the project consortium, consisting of 13 partners including international and national associations, national energy agencies and environmental organisations, EHI is actively contributing to this project. 


The EU energy labelling and ecodesign legislations provide energy efficiency standards and guidance for buyers for more than 30 product groups on the EU market. According to the European Commission, it has been estimated to bring energy savings of approximately 122 million tonnes of oil equivalent by 20301 and is thus an essential element for reaching the EUs energy saving goals. However for some market segments, non-compliance levels of 70% and more have been reported regarding missing, wrong, contradictory or insufficient product information, which may cause a reduction of the expected energy savings and market distortion. In addition, permanent introduction of new or updated legal requirements also requires full attention of the key market actors, mainly manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, installers and retailers. 

This is where the Compliance Services project comes into play. In order to support compliance of the market with the legislation, the project will implement supportive measures for the key market actors, raising awareness and facilitating correct interpretation as well as an effective use of the EPREL data base. The focus of the work will be on key technologies of the current eco-design and labelling working plan of the European Commission including PV, heating and air-conditioning technologies and selected white goods. The project therefore should be seen as a pilot setting up tools and services that shall be extended to additional product groups of the EU legislation in the future. 

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