EHI has drafted an open letter addressed to the EU Institutions and Member States, which emphasises the actions by the heating industry in achieving climate objectives and decarbonising buildings. This letter outlines ten actionable steps to address the current barriers to mass deployment across the continent.

Recognising the crucial role of heat pumps in achieving EU climate targets, we highlight persistent challenges such as high initial investments and inconsistent incentive programs. These barriers not only hinder consumer uptake but also threaten our competitiveness as European manufacturers in the clean energy technology sector.

In response to these challenges, we propose ten concrete actions aimed at fostering a conducive environment for heat pump adoption. These include implementing stable incentive schemes, reducing operating costs for consumers, and enhancing installer training programs. With our commitment to working with the EU institutions and Member States, we aim to unlock the full potential of heat pumps, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable Europe.

Link to the letter here: PDF

Link to the action plan: PDF