We pre-launched our first ever Heating Market Report earlier this month during our webinar “the Renovation Wave: Modernising our Heating Systems for Carbon-Neutral Buildings.”

The challenge we face in decarbonising our heating systems is steep, and we are lacking a comprehensive overview of the challenge at hand. That is why we put together this report, to provide the necessary data and pull out the key trends that will guide everyone through the transition to a carbon-neutral building sector.

We must accelerate the replacement of old and inefficient heating systems if we are to achieve our carbon-neutrality goals by 2050. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to decarbonising heating: local decisions and local solutions are crucial in this area.

The report is split into two main sections:

  • An overview of Europe’s biggest markets, including a breakdown of the types of appliances sold in 2018, as well as an overview of the current installed stock
  • An overview of the broad spectrum of heating technologies available across Europe — with their efficiency and decarbonisation benefits highlighted.

Download the full report: Heating_Market_Report_2020