Three things we learned about Europe’s energy transition for buildings at #Build2050

On 25 September, we welcomed more than one hundred people from the EU energy community for a day of debate on the future of technologies and energy in buildings in Europe.

MEPs Benedek Jávor (Greens/EFA) and Bendt Bendtsen (EPP) were invited to talk about their vision for the future and what to expect in this space with the European elections coming up in mid-2019 whilst a range of other stakeholders took to the floor in a vibrant discussion of where decarbonisation policies for buildings are headed. You may find their video interviews here (Bendt Bendtsen MEP) and here (Benedek Jávor MEP).

Our Secretary General Federica Sabbati offered three main takeaways related to the event (recap video here):

  • Work across sectors: From energy suppliers to distributors, from heating technologies manufacturers to the insulation industry and installers… The energy transition for buildings is a complex issue that needs professionals from many sectors to work together.
  • Consumers are key for the energy transition of buildings. That’s why we need to make heating much more attractive than it is now. Highly efficient and renewable heaters should appeal to users, who should have the possibility to be part of the transition.
  • There is no silver bullet, but a world of solutions to achieve decarbonisation of buildings. This is because buildings are very diverse across Europe and so are the needs of the people who live and work in them. The good news is: these solutions already exist and we need to use them to achieve Europe’s 2050 sustainability goals.

Keep your eyes on #Build2050 on Linkedin and Twitter for more video insights from the event.