Leaders of 20 of companies and organisations in the local and home energy sector, including domestic heating-systems makers, have today made a public pledge to ensure that the buildings sector contributes to achieving the 2050 net-zero emissions target by using hydrogen.

CEOs of European companies and organisations that are members of European Clean Hydrogen Alliance* Round Table for Buildings** have today committed themselves to make the necessary investments to ramp up the use of clean-hydrogen technologies to make buildings carbon-neutral by 2050.

Federica Sabbati, secretary-general of EHI, the association of the European Heating Industry and a member of the Alliance, said: “We believe that using hydrogen alongside electricity is essential to decarbonise the buildings sector. In today’s statement, members of the Round Table for Buildings are putting their money where their mouths are to make the necessary investments to ensure clean hydrogen in buildings contributes to the net-zero emissions goal for 2050.”

EHI is facilitating the work of members of the Buildings Roundtable.

Members of the Round Table believe that market transformation towards carbon-neutral buildings will be a challenging but fundamental step to reduce CO2 emissions to the level required by 2050. To achieve this, renewable and decarbonised gases, including hydrogen, should be used alongside electricity as complementary and necessary components of a cost-optimal decarbonisation of buildings.

As companies and organisations that provide the technologies, know-how and infrastructure that can support the development of clean hydrogen for buildings, the signatories to today’s statement will make the investments necessary via a pipeline of projects to ramp up the use of clean hydrogen technologies so buildings contribute towards a net-zero emissions economy by 2050.

The projects will be presented at the Hydrogen Forum hosted by the European Commission on 17-18 June 2021.


* The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was launched by the European Commission in July 2020 to deliver an ambitious deployment of hydrogen technologies by 2030, bringing together renewable and low-carbon hydrogen production, demand in industry, mobility and other sectors, and hydrogen transmission and distribution.

It brings together industry, public authorities and civil society to mobilise resources to develop an investment agenda to stimulate the roll out of production and use of renewable and low-carbon hydrogen, and to build a concrete pipeline of projects.

** The Round Table for Buildings was launched in December 2020 and brings together stakeholders from the heating technologies industries, local energy companies active in district heating and distribution of energy. It is one of six Round Tables representing different parts of the hydrogen value chain.