Recap and recording of our Webinar "Delivering Carbon-Neutral Heat: What Role Will Hydrogen Play?"

At the moment where the European Parliament discusses the Hydrogen Strategy, the European Heating Industry held a seminar to focus on hydrogen for heating.

The speakers were Dutch Member of the European Parliament Bart Groothuis, shadow Rapporteur from the Liberal Group on the Hydrogen Strategy, and Mr Christian Weinberger from the EU Commission DG Grow. From the heating industy, Henrik Siegle (Bosch Thermotechnology) and Bertrand Schmitt (BDR Thermea) as well as EHI Secretary General Federica Sabbati participated.

Throughout the event, the complexity of decarbonizing buildings was clear for all to see — but so was the urgent need cross-sector for action. Here is what stood for us from the debate:

  1. New technologies are unlocking Europe’s potential: Heating technology can aid the reduction in CO2 from buildings, playing their part in accelerating energy efficiency and renewable-heat uptake.
  2. Multiple tools will be needed for the work ahead: To achieve climate neutrality in 2050 there will need to be a combination of heat pumps, hydrogen and green gas boilers, hybrid systems, mCHP, fuel cells, solar thermal, biomass boilers and system integrators to increase and optimize overall system efficiency. A real mix of tools will make us resilient and ready to reduce emission.
  3. Meeting the moment requires action: Across Europe the rate of replacement of old heating installations has been too slow for too long. Policy leadership that prioritizes a faster replacement of old installations is needed to support the EU climate goals. Only with this will we ensure a wave of future-proof buildings.

In a session full of insights, these are just a few. The full replay is available to watch here:

In our next webinar we will look at the role of heat pumps in meetings Europe’s objectives – stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.