The second edition of the European Hydrogen Forum kicks off today for a 2-day online event. The event brings together EHI and the other 1400 members of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance to take stock of the ongoing hydrogen projects across Europe, and to accelerate progress towards climate neutrality. EHI today also presents its new project map which shows the large number of hydrogen projects taking place across Europe.

Widespread deployment of clean hydrogen, alongside electricity and other renewable and decarbonised energy sources, is crucial for the decarbonisation of the buildings sector as the EU heads towards carbon neutrality in 2050. EHI’s members are providing the technologies, know-how, and infrastructure that can contribute to the decarbonisation of buildings.

Today I have the pleasure to share a new map showing our members’ hydrogen projects. There are currently over 40 active projects and over 40 which are set to start by 2024. These projects are an important step in the Europe’s energy transition.

For example, in Germany, SmartQuart operates an integrated process, whereby they locally produce green hydrogen (solar and wind); store the energy; and then distribute it for heating buildings and transport like local bus services. They link the energy system in three nearby towns, and work with the local authorities amongst other partners. One of the members of the consortium, Viessmann, will present this project in more detail at 11:30 CET on day 1 of the European Hydrogen Forum (17 June). Uwe Engel, Senior Vice President Engineering & Technology, will talk about this highly digital, inclusive and climate neutral initiative.

Other project presentations taking place during the Forum include EHI member Luigi Tischer, R&D Senior Director, Ariston Thermo Innovative Technologies, who will provide an update on the project REHeatEU, in cooperationof other partners such as Beckett Thermal and SIT on ‘Thermally Driven Heat Pumps for hydrogen in residential heating’ (18 June, 11:00 CET). BDH, BDR Thermea, Bosch, Vaillant, Immergas, Baltur, Orkli, Riello are other key EHI players who are members of the Clean Hydrogen Alliance.

These are just some of the incredible innovations that are being brought to market and transforming the energy sector’s role in the green transition. I invite you to take a close look at our new map to see where hydrogen heating projects are happening in your region.

As part of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance’s Round Table for Buildings, EHI members are taking a leading role to harness the potential of hydrogen.They will participate in the matchmaking sessions on buildings and industrial heat (18 June, 12:30 CET).

Decarbonising buildings is a tough but necessary challenge to meet the EU’s 2050 climate neutrality goals – but our hydrogen technologies are just one piece of the puzzle. Sufficient investment and collaboration are required of all stakeholders, and hydrogen will be utilised alongside the increased use of electricity and other renewable and decarbonised sources of energy.

EHI will continue to work with policymakers, industry partners and academia to improve Europeans’ access to clean energy. If we succeed, the energy transition will not only decrease Europe’s reliance on fossil fuels but will deliver cost effective and convenient heating for Europeans for generations to come.

Hydrogen in buildings map